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Take a tour through an action-packed workout

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Take a tour through
an action-packed workout
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What's included with your membership

  • [9Round Trainer Included Image]

    Trainer Included

    Because our workout changes every day, you will have a 9Round Certified Trainer to instruct and motivate you each and every workout.

    [9Round Unlimited Workouts Image]

    Unlimited Workouts

    With your membership you will have access to unlimited workouts. We recommend starting with 3 workouts per week, however, you are welcome to come more.

  • [9Round Gloves Image]

    9Round Gloves

    You will receive 9Round Gloves which will allow you to hit as hard as you want without the risk of injury.

    [9Round Nutrition Guide Image]

    Nutrition Guide

    You will also have access to our 9Round Nutrition Guide. You will learn the 4 principles that will help you burn body fat and build lean muscle.

  • [9Round Hand Wraps Image]

    Hand Wraps

    You will also receive 9Round Hand Wraps for wrist support and comfort. Don't worry, our trainers will teach you how to wrap your hands in no-time.

    [9Round Nutritional Support Image]

    Nutritional Support

    Got a nutrition question? You will receive direct access to the Online 9Round Nutrition Forum to get the answers you need.


  • 1-2 rounds

    Stations 1 and 2 consist of “STRENGTH BUILDING”. You will use Dumb Bells, Kettle Bells, Medicine Balls, Jump Ropes, and other equipment to build strength and stamina.

  • 3-8 rounds

    Stations 3-8 are where the real FUN begins. You will strike a variety of bags including 100lb Heavy Bags to build power, double end bags to increase hand eye coordination and timing, and speed bags to develop shoulder conditioning and speed.

  • 9 round

    Station 9 is dedicated to the core. We want to get you as strong as possible and the CORE is the key. Besides all the other kicking and punching that you will be doing, we dedicate a full station to strengthening the most important part of your body.